Chemo #4 & trying to stay focused

Thanks for those of you that have been keeping up with my blog. Well, I’ve been quiet the last few weeks as things were going well. I had chemo treatment #4 yesterday and it was the toughest yet. Towards the end of the session, I really had to stay focused to keep it together. The only difference seemed to be that they pushed the drugs into me a bit faster than the last 3 times by about 1-2 hours. Sure that made the session shorter but may be the cause of making me feel pretty lousy when I left. Fortunately, today I’m feeling back to normal as compared to the first 3 sessions. At least this time the nurse was able to get the needle in on the first try.

But there was positive news. Being the halfway point, I had to get another PetScan done. The results showed no signs of any cancer. So the chemo treatments are working. I tried to get the doctor to reduce the remaining treatments but he wasn’t budging. He said the goal is to make sure 100% of the cancer is gone whether we can visibly see it or not. Getting 99.99% is not good enough. Better to finish out treatments now than to come back and start over again because we didn’t get it all. I understand the logic but the treatments are getting harder and any chance of skipping one was worth a shot. The only blip on the Petscan was some ‘persisting activity in the stomach’. Asked the doctor what this meant and he said, it means they see something but have no idea was it is. He’s certain that its not cancer related but will have me do an Endoscopy so they can see what it is. It was there when I had my first scan and hasn’t changed throughout the treatments.

So I have to say I’m pretty happy about no visible signs of cancer from the scans. That bodes very well that the tumor removal got most of it and the chemo has cleaned up the rest. Given things stay this way, when I’m done with treatments, I should have a clean bill of health and then all we do is key a close eye on things so it doesn’t come back.

Now I just have to get through these last 3 sessions (counting the one I just did) and the 3 weeks after each session. The down days after each session (days 8-10) are getting much tougher. I had to get another Neulasta shot as my white blood cell count was low. Maybe that will help on those down days. I’ll find out soon enough. Otherwise, I plugging along and looking forward to the light at the end of the tunnel.


One thought on “Chemo #4 & trying to stay focused

  1. That’s such great news. I’m sorry it’s tough. You will make it and be better than ever!
    Then after you celebrate with family we will ask you to celebrate with friends. Someplace warm, of course. Hang in there. Cheering for you!!!

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